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How to Make your Lesson More Engaging

While teaching, you are likely to glance at students staring in space which implies the lesson is not engaging. The presence of a lesson plan does not always imply the lesson will engage the students fully. In case you face these challenges, you need to change your teaching techniques and thus ensure your learners are more involved. Some of the effective ways of engaging the students in class and making learning more interesting including instruction first and making the learning process student-centered. With an interesting class, you have a guarantee that your learners will understand and retain what you teach.

Mystery Incorporation

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When learners are unaware of what to expect in a given lesson, they get more interested. Thus ensure you are incorporating mystery and surprise sense in lessons. While unveiling new lessons, keep giving students the clue of the new topic on the daily basis to create more interest. This is the best way for you to keep the lesson mysterious. Learners love it when they can predict what they will learn next due to prior preparation.

Never Repeat Classroom Resources

It is essential and appropriate to review classroom resources but ensure you do not repeat them after a short time. While reviewing materials, ensure you use the resources differently from how you used them in the past lesson. The strategy involving 3-2-1 has a great way of ensuring you never get to repeat materials. Generally, the strategy involves three lessons you learn, two interesting things, and one question that you wish to ask.

Classroom Games

classroom games

While students are in groups of 5-25people play games, they get a lot of fun. Games are offering the best way of keeping lessons engaging and interesting. If you wish your students to remember spelling words, there is the importance of conducting a spelling bee game. Ensure this game involves a math bee and also practice math that is much similar to a spelling bee. When you include games in your lessons, learning will be more fun while kids will be happier.

Technology Use

Technology offers the best way of ensuring that lessons are interesting. Since children love electronics, there is an importance of incorporating it in the teaching strategy. Rather than standing at the front while lecturing, the best option is to use an interactive smart-board display. Also, ensure you expand the cooperative activity lessons through the connection of classrooms in other countries and cities using videoconferencing. While using technology in a variety of ways, there will be a great increase by bounds and leaps.

When you put these factors in mind, you will certainly take your teaching experience to another level. Besides, you will improve your learner’s grades as they will get to understand and retain what they learn. Overall, you will improve the overall performance of your students.