Six Most Common Jobs You Can Apply For in Japan

Japan is known for its rich culture and disciplined, hardworking citizens. That is why a lot of tourists and travelers include Japan in their must-visit countries around the world. Almost everyone, regardless of age, have jobs that helps them in sustaining their needs. If you are considering migrating and living in Japan, it’s not going to be hard to land a job that you love as long as you know how to speak and write in Japanese.


Being a teacher is one of the most sought-after jobs in Japan, especially if you know how to speak in English as well. Japanese are very particular in learning English now to keep up with their American counterparts.n


Seafood is one of Japan’s staple dishes. When you think of Japan, all you can think about is sushi, sashimi, and salmon. That being said, there’s always a need for fishers in this country. However, a lot of controversies arise from this because of animal cruelty and hunting of endangered fishes to make sure you are following the right policies and laws.

Manga Writers

Japan is also known for its animes and comic books; that’s why one of their most popular jobs is being a manga writer. There’s always a vacant spot for manga writers as long as you have a creative mind and Japanese writing skills. 

Physical Therapists

The Japanese form of muscular therapy is called in Sortai. A Japanese doctor developed this therapy. It is based on the principle of body alignment by breathing and moving towards comfort. IT has become one of the most popular healing therapies in Japan. That’s why it’s one of the most sought-after jobs as well. 


Seafood, seafood, seafood! Japanese are known to serve a variety of seafood, may it be exotic or not. They are best known for their sushi, sashimi, and ramen and consider cooking as a form of art and passion. Even if almost everyone in this country knows how to cook a sumptuous meal, being a chef is still popular among all other jobs.


Aside from being the best in cooking, Japan is known for its technological advancements. They are pioneers in robotics among all other countries. They create robots that act like humans and can do almost anything that a real person does. This wouldn’t be possible without the help of Engineers.